Hospital Information Technology Services

Sometimes, I could think that hospitals in the Philippines, especially those public or government ones are very laid-back in terms of technology specifically the hospital information technology services. Almost, but not all are still done manually.

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One time, when I worked out for my classmate’s papers for her to be discharged from confinement  in a government hospital, it took me more than 6 hours of waiting since some of the papers where misplaced, I thought, of the attending staff. I asked if they have an electronic copies of those or even a system list of receipt numbers, the staff said they don’t have.

Whew! I feel sad for some hospitals in the country. They don’t have organized systematic flow in each sections and departments. Even an ITIL, they, don’t have. By the way, an ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a system or software that could help a company or in this instance, a hospital, to organize data, files or programs in a database for storage and easy-accessibility and management.

I just hope that the government could work on this kind of issues to our health institutions.

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