Fontana Dealership and Used Nissan Models

One Nissan dealership that has always earned my approval has been the fontana nissan car dealership. I searched for used cars los angeles when first discovering the great dealership that is Fontana. I am extremely thankful for Google because without it, I would not have found such great cars and customer service.

I recently went to Fontana Nissan after getting tired of some of the employees at a dealership in L.A. In Fontana, there was a very good amount of Nissan models and it actually made it quite hard for me to choose what I really wanted. Usually I would see a car right away and know which one I wanted, but this time it seemed more like because of how expansive the lot was, their inventory really interested me and I found a lot of really cool Nissan models. I was not quite sure whether I wanted to buy new or used, so of course I had the important conversation with a sales-person working there. He convinced me to actually purchased a nice used car and said that it would be a nice investment. I didn’t really care what his excuse was, I knew that used cars were more affordable so I had no problem going with this price range. I looked through a bunch of different cars and found a used Nissan Altima that I absolutely adored. The sales-person did not try to negotiate the price with me (which was very important, I absolutely hate it when dealership people are too pushy or refuse to sell a car for the price listed instead of five hundred dollars more).

The process of buying the car was very easy and painless and now I come back to Fontana whenever I can. They offer a pretty great deal of specials so I’m always getting some kind of bargain there. It’s also close to my home, so it doesn’t take long for me to get there (which is another plus). My car has been perfect since the day I bought it and I’m thankful I found the dealership that I did because I didn’t want anymore stress.

Brought to you by Metro Nissan of Montclair.

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  1. Tina says:

    thanks for the tip.. the next time we buy a second hand car, we will try Fontana. 🙂

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