Overused School Shoes

The school year for medical school is about to end. And I guess, my school shoes’ too. Haha!

Below is an image of my overused school shoes. This shoes withstand my heavy weight for a year now. See? The shoes has sacrificed a lot just to make my feet feel so comfortable.

school shoes

school shoes

For this school year, I only have this one and only pair of shoes. So no one can blame me why I chose to buy this priced-pair of shoes last year June 2011. And to the coming new academic year, I need to have new pairs of shoes again, of course, because this one is about to retire anymore. LOL!

Way back first year days in medical school, I used to wear heeled-shoes and even tried a pair of boots. This time, I am planning to buy two pairs of shoes, one for clinics and duties and the other for school classes.

So, what do you think of a pair of ugg boots? Don’t laugh at me seeing me on my medical school uniform with a pair of ugg boots, huh?!?

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