Blurred Vision

I really hate talking about my eyesight. But I need to since it doesn’t do good to me anymore ignoring how I could see things, literally. I have a blurred vision and it’s getting worse each and every day. My eyesight is getting blurrer and blurrer, if there’s such term.

blurred vision

blurred vision

If you didn’t know it, I hate to seek consult for my health status — be it medical, surgical or dental. I hate seeing a medical doctor to check how my health is going on.

Ironic, right? But that’s true — that’s me!

That’s why up until now I still keeping my eyesight’s problem with myself. I don’t really put any attention on this. But I guess, this time, I need to. And I have no choice but to see my ophthalmologist again after more than a year. Grrrrr!!!

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