Out of Cash

It’s Friday and I am out of cash today!

Out of CashOut of Cash

After our clinics this morning, when I was about to pay the cab going to the Sr. Sto. Niño Church here in Cebu City, I just noticed that I am already out of bills. Enough to pay for my fare are the coins that I have had in my purse.

This is not the first instance happened to me. LOL! This is because I really don’t track how much money I still have on my wallet.  I don’t usually withdraw and bring with me bundles of cash but only my cards.

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One Response to Out of Cash

  1. Pinx says:

    waaahhh! si Gagay, mahutdan og cash??? hehehe… anyways, sayang, wala jud ta nagkita gay… but sige lang, basi makabalik ra ko… will let you know.

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