Benefits of 10-minute Treadmill Workouts

I started doing treadmill workouts after I had a blast of carbohydrate and protein-rich eats during the wedding of my cousin. I want to burn as fast as I could those calories. So I decided to try myself a 10-minute treadmill workouts. Smiley

At first, it was very difficult for me to cope up, continue and complete the 10-minute treadmill workouts since I haven’t been doing any exercises here in my apartment and I easily gotten tired. But I didn’t gave up. I really tried hard to continue doing the 10-minute treadmill workouts. And not until the Christmas eve came, I was able to perfect it!

Anyway, so much with those blab I do, I will be enumerating some of the benefits of doing the 10-minute treadmill workouts.

  • Normalizes blood circulation
  • Increases oxygen level to the brain
  • Loses unnecessary fats
  • Lessens stress
  • Improves mood

Hope you guys can do simple exercises at home like I do.

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21 Responses to Benefits of 10-minute Treadmill Workouts

  1. sir rob says:

    Unsa mana nga ga tsinelas man… haha That’s great cardio workout though.

  2. Pinx says:

    wow! mao na akong need gay… hehehe… para mamayat na ko balik and makuhaan na akong mga cellulites sa legs para maka-shorts nako. wahahaha!

  3. I spend like 2-3 hours on treadmill and burn 700-1500 calories 3 times a week. I just watch movie while working out. Hehehe.

  4. I guess the best benefits will be to burn some really irritating calories off your body.

  5. michi says:

    i wish i have a treadmill at home so i can also burn my calories. =)

  6. Bien Nonoy says:

    treadmills are great. Playing Dance Central on Xbox Kinect is also a way of doing cardio work-out.

  7. rey says:

    keep it up, sexy kana man..

  8. Noel says:

    if you can afford to buy the treadmill why not but jogging outside your house much better. No matter jogging outside your house or using treadmill, the most important is you exercise everyday to make you healthy. Live Healthy LIfestyle

  9. I once tried using this treadmill. I feel refreshing and my mood normalize. I feel better. And there are more: blood circulation is normalized, more oxygen level to the brain, among others.

  10. Clint says:

    I haven’t tried using the treadmill. Not into exercise, really. HAHA

  11. sionee says:

    oh i wish i have one like this at home. But I think even if we have this I’ll still find a reason not to..tamad eh.. lols keep it up, doc! 🙂

  12. Jube says:

    I’d love to do this too 😉 Stay healthy!

  13. Jonathan says:

    I do 20 min thread-mill jogs right now at 10km/hour in order to prepare for the benefit run I’m joining. It feels awesome!

  14. Myrns says:

    good for you ! continue and keep it up ! i tried treadmill years ago , i really want to do this..again !

  15. Cha says:

    I always walk. That’s my exercise. And walking on the thread mill is a good alternative during rainy days when it is impossible to walk outside.

  16. julie says:

    cardio workouts are really effective to lose weight. However, you have to be careful with your intakes too. It’s still a matter of counting calories in and out. Goodluck. 🙂

  17. for me , one of the best exercise is shopping! Especially during midnight sales! HEHEHEHE just my silly thing.

  18. tatess says:

    •Normalizes blood circulation
    •Increases oxygen level to the brain
    •Loses unnecessary fats
    •Lessens stress
    •Improves mood
    I don’t have calorie to burn at hindi naiistress but i do need to exercise for good blood circulation,increase oxygen level and improve mood(moody kasi minsan)

  19. err this post is reminding me not to seat and use the pc all the tine

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