Pinoy.MD November 2011 Top Commenters

I am very excited to give thanks to my top commenters as the month of giving, Christmas, is here. I don’t have crowns nor trophies to present to each of you but only virtual hugs and prayers that we will all succeed in this very competitive online world. We all know that, lately, this hasn’t been moving smoothly as we thought of, but at least, we still all standing still and striving more.

  • Pinx
  • Mona
  • aina
  • Akinpinoy
  • Alice
  • bluedre…
  • chesel
  • Dave Evans
  • Elvirah
  • fhai

Thank you so much guys!!!

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One Response to Pinoy.MD November 2011 Top Commenters

  1. Pinx says:

    yey!!! thanks gay!

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