Leptospirosis Cases in Manila, Philippines

The Philippine Department of Health (DoH) has recently noticed the increase in number of cases of Leptospirosis in Metro Manila, Philippines. There were already 583 cases having 48 deaths since the early month, January, until November 2011. This is yet far from last year’s cases which were only 168 and having only 13 deaths for the whole year.


Leptospirosis is a disease caused by a bacteria called Leptopsira. These bacteria usually dwell on water that are contaminated with animal urine like rats, dear, dogs and more. The mode of transmission of this disease is through bacterial contamination and not on person to person contact.

Signs and symptoms of this disease are fever, muscle pain, headache, nausea and vomiting and shaking chills which usually show on the 10th day of infection — the average but mostly between 2 to 26 days.

Treatments of Leptospirosis includes Penicillin — Doxycycline, Ampicillin.

The most useful way to prevent this disease is to prevent from exposure or staying at stagnant watery areas.

One best tip on eliminating water from areas nearby houses affected with flooding, especially in the Philippines, is the use of gusher pump. It helps to pump the water out from where it stays and stagnates flowing to the canal or river.

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