Instant Plumber and Janitress

Early this morning after I pee, I noticed drops of water coming from the shutoff valve of the water tube of our toilet bowl in the ground floor’s comfort room. I presume there are some leaky thrust bearings there but I am not certain which parts of the toilet bowl have problems. But upon checking it, I presume myself as an instant plumber, I found the two bearings of the shutoff valve were loosen already and the tank ball inside the water tank is kind’a  having some problems also.

What I did, I just turned the water supply of the toilet bowl temporarily off. I am not a certified nor a registered plumber. Haha. That was just the most needed and easiest thing I could think to do to stop the leaking water. Just a second after turning the water supply off, I saw small black gliding organisms coming out from the tubes connected to the tank. I didn’t hesitate then to drop little muriatic acid on them.

However, getting rid of those tiny dwellers from our toilet bowl’s water tube wasn’t enough for me. I know that only a part of the toilet bowl was cleaned. So what I did, I wash the whole comfort room with muriatic acid — from the floor tiles, corners, the toilet bowl itself and even the walls.

After more than an hour, just because of the leaky thrust bearings, I have became an instant plumber and a janitress.

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  1. Pinx says:

    puede na gay, mag minyo! hehehe…

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