Exudative Tonsilitis

I have just confirmed that the cause of my fever the past days was my inflamed tonsils. Smiley

Yes! I was suffering from exudative tonsilitis. I first felt difficulty and painful swallowing. Upon checking myself in front of the mirror, I saw my pus-filled reddish inflamed tonsils. After then, I didn’t hesitate to seek consult from our university physician for any immediate medication I could take.

The physician confirmed my self-diagnosis. She prescribed antibiotics and an anti-pyritic drugs both for my inflamed tonsils and for my fever.

Today, I am feeling OK already. But my appetite is not really that good yet. I just need more time to rest. Smiley

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  1. sir rob says:

    Watch out for that. It is well known that oral infections may cause or damage our heart.

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