Christmas Ideas for Men — Momentum M1 Watch

In less than two weeks to go, we will be having our Christmas vacation in medical school. A very exciting thing to look forward to because of the themed Christmas Party at home — in our family, which we celebrate every year for 3 years now. We have exchanging of gifts, a mini program and of course, the dinner.

Talking about exchanging of gifts, last year, I was the one who gave presents to my brother. I thought of giving him Momentum M1 Watch but since I have had a few days to prepare for our party at home, I just prepare other stuff that were one of the best Christmas ideas for men. Now, since I have ample time to eye for great gifts, I might be opting to buy watch for the men at home.

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  1. Pinx says:

    si dokie gay daghan kaayo na watch. every time naay moabot from abroad, mao jud pasalubong.. ako na lang ni ipang giveaway oi. hahaha.

  2. informational…been following you… follow me back pls… 🙂

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