Always Feverish

I just thought I am flaming hot lately. Emoticon Opps! You might be thinking those voluptuous smoking hot models. But I am not. I am actually feeling feverish the past weeks. My body temperature is very intermittent which causing me to feel so moody as well. When my temperature subsides, I am feeling so hyped to the extent that I am thinking of roaming the city malls. But when it raises back to around two degrees centigrade from the normal, the bed is just the one I am dating at.

The only thing that I am afraid about this being always feverish is that I might not able to attend our Christmas Party tonight. I haven’t prepared much though, but the fun and food are the one I shouldn’t miss. Smiley

Another thing, a week from now, my cousin will be getting married and we are already looking for surfing wetsuits for our post-ceremony gigs at the resort. Again, I am getting worried if I can’t enjoy my cousin’s most memorable day because of this ill-feelings I have now.

I really do not know when will I be feeling real good because it has already two weeks now that I am suffering from this on and off fever. My sinusitis and migraine are at hype too.

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