Rent Your Books for Next Semester

For most college students the first trimester is coming to a close, and most have already scheduled next semester’s classes. Even though the holiday season is on most everyone’s mind, it is also time to start thinking about next semester’s text books. However, this time around instead of paying hundreds of dollars on buying new books, students should consider renting their books from

Students who elect to rent their books will find themselves saving a lot of money. Some books rented from Campus Book Rentals are up to 90% off the retail price. While all books cannot be that great of a discount, students will be pleasantly surprised on how much they can save. Additionally, Campus Book Rentals offers free shipping both ways, allows for a 30 day trial period and offers flexible rental periods.

Perhaps, the best part of renting books from Campus Book Rentals is being able to help less fortunate children. That’s right, Campus Book Rentals is teaming up with Operation Smile to help children born with facial deformities. For every book students rent a certain amount of the proceeds goes to helping children born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities. Since 1982 Operation Smile has been providing free surgeries to children who would otherwise be unable to pay for them. These life saving surgeries give children the opportunity to eat, smile and socialize, which without these surgeries these children would be unable to do these things.

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