Growing Pains

When I called my mom earlier today, she has told me that she took Didong to his pediatrician this morning since he was grumbling about his right front thighs. The doctor diagnosed Didong after suffering from growing pains.

Study shows that growing pains are normal to almost 40% of children ages between 3-5 years old or between 8-12 years old. Children on these age groups are hyperactive which are believed to be the cause of the pain felt on the upper legs or any muscular area on the lower extremities.

Growing pains doesn’t affect the joints or the bones of the children. It is basically a muscular pain. Massaging the affected area is the most recommended easiest and cheapest thing to do to the children.

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2 Responses to Growing Pains

  1. Pinx says:

    I hope mine’s growing pain too… hehehe… growing old pains ni siguro… hehehe

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