Dieting on Holidays

Many said I am fat. Others said I am losing weight. But only a few who said I am thin.

Generally, I am just enough with my height and weight.

But these different words I used to hear from many are still making me a bit ill especially holidays are coming. Off course, gatherings and parties are almost always just every where. These includes unlimited foods and drinks — unlimited high carbohydrate and fat meals added to beer, wines and other alcoholic drinks. I won’t deny that I could eat, sometimes, voraciously, every holidays and I am afraid to see myself being commented again that I gained weight and the like.

Seeing myself in front of the mirror having extra fats making me more stressed and depressed every time I tried to have a spoonful of foods over my mouth. I don’t really do dieting, like eating these and that in less amount. I eat what I want. I eat what I need. That is me. But off course, I don’t want to cut my love to eat. Who does?

One friend of mine suggested me to try the top 3 diet pills she has tried and recommended it to me. Off course, before I would want to try any from those, I would first want to know the very basic information and the dos and dont’s in taking diet pills. Some of the dont’s that she shared, which are also applicable to other dieting pills, are when taking it, one shouldn’t be a lactating woman or mother and also, diet pills are not advisable to be taken by expectant woman or ladies or the pregnant ones. My friend didn’t share more about the basics in taking the diet pills but only that.

Other thing that she emphasized was that when one need to loss weight, aside from taking diet pills, most successful ladies in losing weight achieve best results when they associate dieting with exercising and most of all, discipline to oneself. Discipline, in the sense that, one should monitor and should take an eye on the foods that she is eating. In my case, since I just eat what I want and I need, my friend pointed that out that I really need to minimize and change that attitude. For me to successfully maintain my weight and body this coming holidays, I should discipline myself and take more considerations on the foods that I am eating.

I should try my friend’s advise then. Let’s all see if next year, after the holidays, if I’d be losing or gaining weight then.

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