Cookie Bouquet

Holidays is coming. Aren’t you excited on this? Well me, I shouldn’t be asked more because even if you won’t ask me, I am really excited for holidays. Aside from the vacation, foods and parties are also there. So no one, I presume, is I guess not excited to have that.

Speaking of such, last year’s holiday party of the family was an extravagant one. I am looking forward to have a more enjoyable one for this year. There were a lot of foods prepared, exchanging of gifts and party all over the night. But I just missed to prepare a cookie bouquet for our my mom last year. Maybe this time, if time allows me to, I will try to do some for my mom and for my siblings too.

Is the cookie bouquet shown above looking great? Will my mom truly love to have one this holiday season? What do you think?

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