Breathalyzer of Life

You don’t have to be a medical school student to know that drunk driving — or even driving while slightly under the influence — is terribly serious business. Every year countless people are killed and injured in accidents where that one extra drink was either the primary cause or a serious contributing factor. Still, a lot of us are more afraid of being arrested than of getting into an alcohol related accident, even though the one thing that’s worse than being arrested for drunk driving is not being arrested and then killing someone. I can’t imagine the guilty feelings that would go with that.

Of course, police have been using these devices for years to determine who’s drunk and whose just acting strange because policemen make her nervous. The good news is that many people are starting to get a consumer type breathalyzer for themselves. I think this is very positive because, for all the charts that are available to try and suggest how many drinks it’s safe to have when we’re going to be driving, they are based on rather vague generalities and such variable factors as weight that may be confusing.

While the commercially available breathalyzers are not 100 percent accurate, they are a lot more accurate than the usual self-administered sobriety test, which is basically, “I’ll be fine.” That’s not all, we’ve all encountered the raging drunk who clearly is in no shape to get behind the wheel but who nevertheless is convinced that he or she is entirely capable of driving safely and is angry that you can’t see that. A breathalyzer is great because it’s an objective tool to show people like that, potentially the most dangerous drivers of all, that, no, you’re not trying to make them look stupid, they really have had so many vodkas tonics they are a genuine menace behind the wheel.

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16 Responses to Breathalyzer of Life

  1. ZehnRe says:

    hahaha! so people can check themselves if they’re drunk or not. This gadget can help to prevent car accidents.

  2. Hi,

    Is it affordable ba?

    Thank you


  3. genny says:

    awesome! very helpful gadget, i hope those who drink and drive should have this kind of gadget to check themselves..nice post..thanks for sharing.:-)

  4. Pinx says:

    in the coming days, this gadget will become an essential thing in every car. but this is helpful actually, self-testing and self check to avoid accidents and arrests… hehe

  5. chesel says:

    Do we have this here in Pnas? ‘Cause we don’t have it here in Purok Dos. Wahehhe ;p

  6. Mel Cole says:

    That is a cool gadget. Very useful for drivers indeed. A lot of drivers here get arrested with DUI and it takes time to get out from being sued. So for alcholic drivers, this is their solution to check themselves if they are capable to drive or not.

  7. JenJacqs says:

    This breathalyzer is really helpful for drivers. Does this thing out on Pinas market? It could prevent accident and such.

  8. Question.. may breathalyzer na din bang ginagamit dito sa Philippines? Yung tipong ginagamit ng mga pulis to inspect potential drunkards. =)

  9. Is this available in the Philippines? What store?

  10. Blanca says:

    This one is for the responsible drinker. The drunkards would probably shy away from this product.:)

  11. Kurt says:

    Though this is actually a very helpful gadget, I still find it a little bit impractical…. I mean if you’re really drunk I highly doubt you’ll be thinking logically and will be saying to yourself “I think I’m drunk… I think I need to test myself” right? So the easiest solution to this problem is to be responsible

  12. Matsumoto says:

    I remember this from Myth busters…because there are myths that if you do something (like putting a coin under your tongue) the breathalyzer won’t be able to read the alcohol content — hihi, busted though. Anyway, it is always best to not drink and drive…saves you life…and money!

  13. Herbert says:

    It is really good to have a blogger friend that has medical backgrounds, why? you learn new stuff from her/him 😀 Thanks Gagay on this one 😀

  14. marri says:

    good for me…
    first, i don’t drive and
    second, i don’t drink so. no traffic policeman will give me ticket for that violation. kidding aside. great post. ginagamit na kaya yan sa Pasig?

  15. Shengkayful says:

    we have this sa work ko kasi hauling ang line of business where i work..
    I am the one administered it actually sa mga driver..if duda ako na naka-inom sila undergo sila sa ganyan..
    have a nice day gay!

  16. As a victim of drunk driving, I totally agree. People should be more responsible, once you’re on the road the lives of other people depends on you.

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