What is Pancreatic Cancer?

Pancreatic Cancer is a cancer in the pancreas, one of the organs in the endocrine system which is responsible in the normal function and metabolism of hormones in the body.

What causes pancreatic cancer?

  • Up until now, the main cause, pathophysiologically speaking, of pancreatic cancer is still unknown. However, an imbalance in the hormonal secretion and regulation, such as insulin and glucagon  enzymes in diabetes mellitus patients, predispose to pancreatic cancer.
  • People suffering from diabetes mellitus, as mentioned above, are the one who are commonly affected. Those who has long-standing inflammatory conditions affecting the pancreas and those smokers are just some of the most common people to be affected with pancreatic cancer.

The most common signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer are dark urine with clay-colored stools. Patients usually complain of fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, jaundice or the yellowish discoloration of the skin, nausea and pain in the upper mid-abdominal area. Others may also observe pain in the back, indigestion, diarrhea and even blood clots.

Pancreatic cancer, usually, detected when the disease is already in its advanced form. Thence, the cancer has well-developed already. Surgical removal of the tumor is seldom recommended for such situation.

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3 Responses to What is Pancreatic Cancer?

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  2. Ryan Harper says:

    Great information! This is very helpful! … especially for those suffering from pancreatic cancer they need to know this. Their knowledge of pancreatic cancer will determine their actions and to continue treatment.

  3. Bing says:

    I lost a dear friend due to pancreatic cancer in just 4 months adter it was diagnosed. This is true that there are no symptoms and unfortunately there is still no cure. She underwent 4 chemos but she didn’t get better.

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