Recognizing Signs of Heart Attack

Several studies show that heart attack is one of leading causes of death across the globe. The alarming note is the age of sufferers is getting younger. It pays to be informed on the basic facts about this disease. A big help comes in knowing that you know the signs of a heart attack and recognizing them could save a life.

The heart is an organ that constantly pumps blood throughout the body. It plays very vital role in the entire system. Heart attack or myocardial infraction in medical terms occurs when one of the coronary arteries are blocked preventing the heart muscle to receive a sufficient amount of blood supply in order to function properly. Recognizing the signs that a person is having a heart attack is the first step towards preventing major health damage or in most cases death.

Chest pains that happen often and for a long period of time could already be an initial sign of a clot. A person suffering from heart attack could also experience difficulty in breathing, anxiety, looking pale and restless. Note that symptoms might all appear at the same time or only one symptom could manifest. Immediate response is needed once someone starts to experience at least one of the symptoms.

Call the ambulance immediately once you suspect a heart attack. While waiting for the medical team to arrive; try to keep the patient conscious and set an environment that is relaxed and calm in order to not further cause stress. Be attentive to their behavior. If you are knowledgeable on some first aid tips during a heart attack, that could be a great help.

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