Ralph Steinman, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, Discovered Dendritic Cells

The 2011 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, Ralph Marvin Steinman,  won after his discovery of the dendritic cells in 1973. This discovery of his’ has made a lot of ways in the modern treatment of diseases especially on vaccination.

Ralph Steinman was born on January 14, 1943 from a Jewish family. He graduated his undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in McGill University while his medical doctor’s degree from Harvard Medical School, magna cum laude.

In as much as Steinman wanted to help the medical field in obtaining great results from his number of trials in testing laboratory procedures in treating diseases such as cancer, Steinman even failed to be on the announcement of the 2011 Nobel Prize winner. He actually died on September 30, 2011, three days before announcement.

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