My New Eyeglasses Frames

Each and everyday, I have noticed nothing from my beautiful eyes but its changing vision. One might think that it has gotten better, but the truth is, it is getting worse each day.

Just recently, I visited my optometrist for me to have my pairs of eyeglasses be checked again. She was smiling while staring at me. I thought she has had something good to tell me but I was wrong. Her smile, sarcastic smile, almost made me teary while hearing from her that my eyes are getting terrible for a young lass like me.

If you haven’t known it yet, I was already wearing pairs of eyeglasses when I was in high school, that was almost ten years back. In college, though I am not really that bookish, but at least, I read book as often as required and even more that I am now in medical school. Aside from keeping myself always in front of the computer, those tiny letters in my books are making me nauseated every after I read a chapter.

My optometrist knew that already. That is also the reason why she recommended me to use the transition-style lens. The fact that it helps my eyes corrected and lessen the effects of astigmatism on me, it also has a sunscreen protective mechanism. However, my optometrist laughed at me when she saw, upon handing to her, my eyeglass frames and asked if am I really sure that I am the one to use it. Haha!

Photochromic Eyeglasses

Above is the image of my new eyeglasses frame with the lens for my eyes on it. Does it looking like a men’s eyeglasses? That was what my optometrist told me. She said that my eyeglass frames are looking like for men. Haha! I just actually laugh back at her also.

I will post here in my upcoming posts some of my photos while I am wearing this eyeglasses.

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  1. Pinx says:

    i thought imo lang na syang binuang nga glasses gay.. true jud diay na?? hehehe… ako pud baya, lately, i noticed na i get nauseated pud if i look closer at things. tapos mura ko itulak pirmi, i guess it has something to do with my eyes…used to wear glasses too pero sige man ko sungog ni dokie nga i look mature and old with it, so i stopped using it.

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