Part-time, at-home job for Medical Students

No one can deny the fact that as a medical student, it is very difficult for one to look for a part-time and, at the same time, an at-home jobs.

However, upon lurking over the internet, one good part-time at-home job for medical students to try out is medical translation.

part time job for medical student — medical translation

I personally read some reviews about medical translation. And I found it a good one to try out.

In such job, medical translators only translates medical histories of patients, medical records like past medical history, patients’ complaints, history of present illnesses, and a lot more. Basically, everything are all about medicine. With such, it is very advantageous for a medical student to try this job since it’s kind of a practice for him or her in making medical histories and the like. Such medical student also has a good learning already in medical field, especially those who have completed a number of years in medical school and some medical subjects.

Aside from the knowledge on medical field required for each job applicant in medical translation, only an internet connection and a computer are needed. If having those, one can already apply as a medical translator online.

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6 Responses to Part-time, at-home job for Medical Students

  1. Pinx says:

    but there are schools that offer short courses in medical transcription, so even if you’re just a regular person, you can still learn how to transcribe.

  2. Jade Sitjar says:

    Really? are you sure it’s medical “Translation”? or Medical Transcription?

    Of course, if you’re a medical student, it would be advantageous for you to do a part time job as a medical translationist ( if that was existing ) but you should consider the fact that if you’re a medical student and at the same time, do a part time job, i think you will have a hard time finishing your MD career. Just my opinion.

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  5. mei says:

    where to apply?

  6. kim says:

    hi i’m looking for a part time job. i am a graduating fellow in pediatric pulmonology. i will end by june 30 of this year and i am looking for a part time,fixed income-job from July to december of this year. Can you help me? thanks

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