Joint Pain Treatment

Problems in the joints, most specifically signs like pain and stiffness, are the usual presentation of people suffering from any inflammatory diseases in the joints. Other signs most commonly seen from patients are the inability to move the parts affected which sometimes are spastic especially if the affected joints are in the upper extremities. In the lower extremities, the most commonly affected joint is the knee.

The underlying causes of joint inflammatory diseases have not yet been well established. However, there are a lot of researches reported that mechanical stresses to the joints are the most common cause such as injury and chronic or prolong misalignment of the joints. But congenital or inborn instances couldn’t be excluded.

One of the most recommended drug for joint pain due to inflammatory disorders of the joints is glucosamine sulphate.

Glucosamine sulfate, basically, is not a pharmaceutical drug. It is actually a dietary supplement for joint problems. It is a natural product commonly found from bony materials of animals, bone marrow and shells of shellfishes.

How does glucosamine sulfate works for joint pain? Glucosamine is a precursor of the major component of the joint cartilage in the body. If the body is well supplemented with enough amount of glucosamine, cartilage degeneration which is the very common form of inflammatory joint diseases could be prevented. Since its component are from natural products, it has a minimal side effects compared to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs over the pharmacies which usually cause gastrointestinal disturbances to patients and sometimes even internal bleeding of the intestines.

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3 Responses to Joint Pain Treatment

  1. Pinx says:

    so common in older people… i hope kita dili magka-joint pain soon… hehehe

  2. MinnieRunner says:

    I normally felt joint pain when I ran a 10k without ample trainings.. I should NOT do long runs without trainings… Otherwise, I’ll surely suffer when I grow old.

    Anyway, I joined your I LIKE September Giveaway. I hope to bring home a Large Smurf Stuffed Toy 🙂 I used Madelin M. Galvez as name entry.

  3. Jade Sitjar says:

    So are you saying we eat enough bone marrow or shells from animals?

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