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Affordable life insurance quotes are what most of the couples planning to have a baby, or even those who has children already, are looking for.

life insurance

However, personally, I really do not know how life insurance really works. I mean, how to start, how it moves, how it works, basically.

One of my friends who has a family now once asked me what good insurance company which is very suitable for almost all life insurance benefits, not to mention, health, education and more. Off course, because I really have no idea of those stuff, I immediately told her that I still have no “hows” on such things. She explained to me some info she knew. Well, those are just the basic one. At least, those has helped my very innocent mind.

Due to curiosity, I personally read information about life insurances. To avail one is really a clever choice and a clever move to do since the fact that not all the things we are having these days are permanent.Β  Beneficial, as well, in almost all aspect for as long as the term availed has been completed. I also compare term life insurance, oh well, who knows, I might apply tomorrow or the next day. LOL! Since I still am a student, I also lurked on free term life insurance quote if those are good to know.

Surprisingly,learning over the internet some thoughts and ideas on life insurance has really made my day worth. But I still think more to where and how to start.

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17 Responses to Insure Life

  1. Pinx says:

    when i was single Gay, i had life insurance, paid for about a year and when i got married, wala na… hahaha! niundang nako bayad kay wala nako work! ako pud, dili ko kasabot anang mga insurance… hehee.

    • Admin says:

      dili diay pwede te mag apply pag walay work? wa mn koy nabasahan pod noon..unta pwede ra..gusto ko mu-apy..pero dili sa gov’t,hek hek,gusto naku sa private..unta pwede ko. 😐

  2. Pinx says:

    puede man gay. as long as makabayad ka sa premium. depende pud sa imong insurance na kuhaon. kung health, mao na Philhell (public) and then sa private, naa daghan kaayo. kung madoctor na ka, makatipid na ka sa health insurance Gay, free na ka sa PF, tambal na lang imong paliton and bayad sa room… hehehe…

  3. Pinx says:

    i’m not sure if here ko magcomment about sa imong giveaway..ingon man gud na inform PinoyMD .. hahaha.. so i joined!

  4. Mariuca says:

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  5. Mariuca says:

    Feel free to thrown in Papa Smurf as well if u have hahahahahhha!

  6. louella says:

    I like Smurf Stuffed Toy…thankx, hehehe, miss gagay! unsaon pag tag ang fan page, nawala ko ato dapita, I hope mao ako ge buhat..hehehe..

  7. louella says:

    Insurance sa pawnshop, ok lang? hehe

  8. bluedreamer says:

    hi GG .. have joined the I Like Giveaway hehe I want the Smurf Toy woohoo

  9. Mys says:

    I don’t know where to post my comment about what I want so here’s hoping this is right. I’d like the smurf (it’s for my kids), here’s hoping we win. Thanks for the contest!

  10. genny says:

    I want a blogger shirt ms Gagay.. medium size and color pink….hehehe

    joining the “I Like” September giveaway.:-)

  11. Vernz says:

    Gay, smurppp lang ako nga stap toy .. hehehe πŸ™‚ joined πŸ™‚

  12. Anygen says:

    Sis G., I want Smurf Stuffed Toy… hope makadaug ko para naa ko madawat sa post lol…

  13. Joahna says:

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  14. sir rob says:

    I guess I’m hooked up with getting back here so I decided to add you in my blogroll. Care of an ex-link?

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