Essay Writing Contest in Medical School

I was once invited to join in an essay writing contest in medical school one time last year. I can’t remember when exactly was that. Before accepting or so the offer, I first asked the one who invited me why me.

The lady, who invited me, told me that there was one student who suggested my name to join the said contest. She also added that she has known that I used to write essay contents online and I do blog as well. While telling such, she asked me to show her some of my essay examples online.

With those things she said, I was shocked that she almost knew who and what am I doing. But I declined her offer. It’s because, I do blog, but I don’t accept essay writing services online. Blogging is yet too far and would never be the same with essay writing services online.

Another reason why I didn’t accept the offer was that, I don’t think I have much stuff to write on that said essay writing contest. It’s a medical-related essay writing contest and I am not yet very confident with my knowledge in medicine to apply it in essay writing wherein, as much as possible, common words should be used and not jargons.

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