Readying for the Long Weekend in August 2011

As always, I plan hurriedly and work with my plans without any hesitations, then by then.

When I asked my mom if I can go home, instead her and my dad visiting me here, and she didn’t hesitate to say yes, I immediately went off to the ticketing office just a block away from where I am staying to get myself a round trip ticket back home and here.

Yes! I already have my tickets. And I only need to fix my things tonight to fly tomorrow. Hopefully, I could be in Cebu next week, Tuesday, I guess.

When I bought my tickets, I didn’t thought any thing more but the vacation and stuff that I could at home. I forgot that I still have a class tomorrow. Haha. However, He is just so good to me, I know!, that one doctor who supposed to have a class with us tomorrow called me and asked me to announce in class that we won’t be meeting this week with him yet. And we’ll only meet with him next week.

Yahoo! That was the only thing came to my mind earlier this morning. Another doctor which I asked permission to be excused from the class told me that I will just take the exam next week or as soon as I could get back to school. Yay! The doctors are very kind to me.

This is really a great vacation for me, hopefully!

See you next week guys!

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3 Responses to Readying for the Long Weekend in August 2011

  1. Pinx says:

    enjoy your vacation Gay!!! have a safe flight!

  2. bluedreamer says:

    happy trip and enjoy your vacation GG

  3. sir rob says:

    I’d love to have another vacation. How I wish work here is just near in Cebu. lol But I’m sure be back on March.

    Enjoy your well deserved vacation.

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