Coffee Has Anti-Cancer Effect

According to the US study which was published on Monday, August 15, 2011, it says that coffee can help reduce the risk of having skin cancer.

Coffee Has Anti-Cancer EffectsCoffee Has Anti-Cancer Effect (image from

How coffee helps? Well, according to the study, coffee kills off the damaging cells which are baseline for tumor cells. But off course, just moderate drinking.

You can read the full news on coffee’s anti-cancer link here.

By the way, I am not paid nor sponsored by the coffee company as shown in the image above nor endorsing such brand of coffee. I bought that coffee from my own pocket.

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9 Responses to Coffee Has Anti-Cancer Effect

  1. bluedreamer says:

    wow if that’s a fact , then i have nothing to worry about getting cancer since I used to consume 4-7 cups of coffee per day haha

  2. sir rob says:

    There have been a lot of benefits that coffee has brought to mankind but there’s a lot also aren’t aware of it and some simply ignored it and had a different effect in the end.

    Thanks for being the first to join week 12. LOL

  3. Pinx says:

    i haven’t drank coffee for a long time now Gay, aw, well, i have but decaf, i can’t afford to pass the caffeine to my little baby.

  4. Pinx says:

    okay ra sya Gay… guapa gihapon. by the way, nag subscribe diay ko diri using my email…

  5. i agree dun sa studies.. actually may commercial diba before yung Nescafe with twitty deleon? I think that is true.

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