What is Progeria?

As a mother, you might be wondering if your baby is aging faster than you. Your baby might be suffering from progeria.

Progeria is a very rare genetic abnormality wherein a baby or a child rapid ages. Actually, the process of aging in these children are normal to adult but basically abnormal to them. That is why they are absolutely looking aged or older than how children really looking like at their age.

Signs and symptoms of children having progeria are failure to grow during the first year of life,  arrow, shrunken or wrinkled face. The children would also suffer from baldness, loss of eyebrows and eyelashes, short stature, large head for size of face (macrocephaly), open soft spot (fontanelle) and having a small jaw (micrognathia). There are also dermal changes in the children like having  dry, scaly, thin skin. The children would also have limited range of motion. And the teeth formation is delay and sometimes even absent.

If you notice a number of signs mentioned above, never hesitate your child to bring and consult to a pediatrician.

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