No Facebook, Hello Textbook!

Guys, if you can’t see me in facebook for a couple of days, that is only IF I can resist without facebook, I am actually in facebook hiatal status.

It’s not actually because I will be diving more with book – textbooks to be exact, but I just want to keep a pace with the not-so-good happening in one of the facebook groups (medical school-related group) where I belong . I’ve been neutral for the past months but seems like seeing two different parties where some of my friends are involved separately – some are in the other party while others are on the other side.

Ah oh! This ain’t good. I can smell something so fishy! Errr..

It’s not that I am not concern about them but I just don’t want to get myself struck in between. I don’t exactly know how things started, perhaps the very reason why I keep myself silent. And I guess, getting myself involved in this moment now is not good for me anymore.

I am just hoping that this thing happening in school will be settled the soonest.

With this being in hiatus with facebook, I rather hello to my textbook then!

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7 Responses to No Facebook, Hello Textbook!

  1. ZehnRe says:

    lol… apil ko ana dae? lol.

  2. Jean Soo says:

    sometimes it is best to stay out of both ways! great choice! 🙂

  3. khengsiong says:

    No FB, how about Google+?

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