June 20, 2011 is Philippine Holiday; NO CLASS!

Yesterday was the birthday of the Philippine National Hero, Jose P. Rizal. It was his first birthday that the Philippines has celebrated even through having a non-working holiday. Off course, to a medical student like me, and I guess not just a medical student but each student of all levels, having a holiday in the middle of a very hectic school schedule is already a reward for us.

You might be asking what I did yesterday?

Ahuh! I watched the green lantern. Hehe. Off course, I need to feel relaxed even just for a day. It’s a holiday, what do you think I would do then? LOL!

But I wasn’t just hooked to green lantern yesterday. I also had time to get back to my usual holiday routine which is playing the casino online. And my most favorite of all the casino stuffs is playing slots. But hey! I am not a gambler. I just used to play the free games. However, lately, I am enticed not to play and use the free online casino games anymore. It’s because players can now pay through their banks when playing at the casino simply by using the Use MyBank Casino available activity panel now. Ain’t it something good to know? Players can now go and play directly to a casino websites and just do online payment and banking transactions. There’s also another one, the e-check casino which is also good and safe to use when playing casino online. It is actually just looking like the regular hard copy of a check used to pay elsewhere but, here, it’s electronic.

After almost 3 months that I haven’t played casino online, these are just some of the things which surprised me yesterday. Oh gosh, I am getting more excited now to play casino online more and more when more with the coming holidays.

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2 Responses to June 20, 2011 is Philippine Holiday; NO CLASS!

  1. bluedreamer says:

    Cheers! Happy Birthday to our National Hero..
    and yay! for the Holiday..

  2. Jean Soo says:

    Happy rizal day! 🙂

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