Incomplete Requirements

I tell you, I am one of the most hard-headed students in high school, I guess. Smiley

I remember weeks before our graduation, every high school student needs to submit a clearance sheet which is supposed to be signed by all subject teachers from first year up to fourth year. One of our teachers in physical education required us to submit a notebook with notes written on it from the beginning of the class in fourth year.

Have I told you before that I am lazy taking down notes until now? Yeah! I guess you’ve already the geez what happened next. Smiley

Anyway, that P.E. teacher don’t want to sign my clearance sheet because I didn’t submitted a notebook. What else would I do? I don’t have a P.E. notebook which had a complete writings from the very beginning of the school year. I didn’t tried submitting my very clean notebook because my stubborn classmate also tried submitting his incomplete notebook but denied. That classmate of mine copied notes from our other classmate so he could just submit his.

In my case, I didn’t.

Five days before graduation, I was called by our adviser looking for my clearance sheet. When she saw it where almost half the number of all my teachers unsigned, she asked me why. So I never hesitated to tell that I don’t have the requirements that they were asking for like notebooks. My adviser told me to comply all of them or else I won’t be able to graduate and inform my parents then.

I went back to my teacher in P.E. I asked her to sign my clearance sheet. She was looking for my notebook the second time. I told her, “Ma’am, does it sounding useful if I will write all your notes and discussions in my notebook from first grading to fourth grading now?“. Since we were in the faculty room, all of the other teachers and students were looking at us. I didn’t know what she was thinking that time but after a minute or two, without any other words, she signed my clearance sheet.

I just can’t understand why high school teachers are requiring students to submit notebook where in fact, each student has his way on how to study to pass such subject.

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5 Responses to Incomplete Requirements

  1. gilay says:


    tamad nga!!! hehehe
    pero astig…
    nice one…

  2. Lyza says:

    It’s so nice to look back at old high school memories 🙂

  3. janakidiary says:

    haha! that’s spunky of you 🙂 pero may point ka nga naman, kung napasa mo naman lahat ng test that simply means natuto ka, with or without the notebook 🙂

  4. kim says:

    hahaha! i think it has something to do ‘teaching responsibility’ lol!

    MY ENTRY is here!

  5. i think Kim is right, siguro they make us do all those seemingly useless stuff just to teach us the value of responsibility 🙂

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