What is Graves Disease?

Graves Disease is an Autoimmune Disease that primarily causes the over-reactivity of the thyroid gland.

Over-reaction of the thyroid gland, an endocrine organ which controls the body metabolism, leads to the enlargement of the thyroid gland – visibly looking goiter.

Symptoms of Graves Disease are eyeball retraction, goiter, increase appetite, insomnia, irregular menstruation for women and breast enlargement for men.

Treatments done for Graves Disease patients are just to control the over-reactivity of the thyroid gland. Some of the treatments are radiotherapy and surgery or removal of the goiter.

More information about Graves Disease.

Missy Elliot, a known American rapper, has just recently announced to the public that she was diagnosed in 2008 to have Graves Disease.

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  2. Russ says:

    WOW! I feel so bad for her. And she is such a beautiful young lady. My wife has auto immune. It is affecting her eyes mostly right now.

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