Fatigue? ME?

No! I am not!

It’s not me, actually. And I don’t know any who are fatigue at this time. I am just thinking of any supplement fatigue after reading from the freedom wall in our school earlier when I and a classmate had a breakfast there. The wall says ” Fatigue? ME?”.

Ah oh! I’m absolutely not suffering from any fatigue now. Maybe you? LOL!

But yea, seriously, fatigue ain’t something that one would not just be neglected to. It ain’t much serious too. However, if left untreated, should I say, not managed properly, it might cause some more serious problems and might be the reason for any death of such patient. Better yet, as early as possible to those sufferers, see a medical specialist.

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2 Responses to Fatigue? ME?

  1. Russ says:

    Yes. Fatigue can be very serious. My wife suffers from it but she is being treated. She has Lupus.

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