Ernhez Romero’s Brown Hair

Ernhez is one of my classmates in medical school. If you happen to follow me since then, you may observe that we’ve been buddies in anything we do which are medical school related. But sometimes even more, like hanging out and de-stressing. LOL!

The picture above was taken last Dec. 2010 inside the airplane on my way home. Ernhez flew with me. He wanted to smell the fresh Durian in Davao City. And so, I and other classmates who are from Davao City also, toured him.

Anyway, Ernhez is known to have this brown-colored hair in our school. This is artificial, I tell you. In fact, one time last year, he was called by our college (of medicine) registrar and asked why was his hair brown. He did nothing but to smile. Up until now, he’s still having this brown hair.

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6 Responses to Ernhez Romero’s Brown Hair

  1. Mirage says:

    Lol, why would the registrar bother about hair color? πŸ˜‰ I have the same hair color! πŸ˜€

  2. When I open my Twitter, I saw a tweet about my brown colored hair. lol. Thank you that my hair is your topic on your blog. Graciously gorgeous! Hahaha!

  3. nakasanayan na nya ang brown hair Gay. When mo uli na pod hehe.

    Happy Thursday Brownies. Up na rin sa akin. hehe

  4. cheerful says:

    that’s nice! my little girl’s hair is brownish too…but its real. hehehe! visiting from thursday brownies and happy thursday! πŸ™‚

  5. January says:

    uso na na sya doki.. ayaw lang palabi duol sa mga badjao kay basi mahalaan.. hehehe

    Late visit from Thursday Brownies
    Mine are here Brown Wedge and Early Morning. Hope You can Visit. Thanks

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