Downloading Medical EBook

There’s no other way to save money from buying costly medical books but to use eBooks. But off course those eBooks should come from guaranteed certified eBook store.

eBooks are electronic copies of any books, for instance, medical books. It doesn’t have hard paper sheets nor hard-cover pages. One cannot write using pens or do highlighting at any pages, statements or words on it unless using an electronic device as well. Nonetheless, eBooks are far cheaper than the hard copies of medical books.

I admit, medical books ain’t that pocket-friendly. Of how medical books are hard to understand, that’s how costly they are. Though, in some ways I am still using the hard-bound medical books, I more often use the eBooks especially in school. Medical books are very heavy but with any lightweight laptops or net books with downloaded medical eBooks on it, studying in school is much easier and hassle-free.

As I have mentioned earlier in this post, eBooks should be downloaded from certified eBook store so to get safe from doing illegal stuffs like piracy.

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  2. Andy says:

    Hi, can I have a copy of Nelson’s textbook of pediatrics in PDF form. Also of Williams Obstetricts & Novac’s gynecology. It’d be very much appreciated. Can you email me a copy at thanks

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