Be a Respective Blogger

To those who don’t know yet, I am a blogging medical student. As the name says, a medical student. I am, of no joke, busy with my studies. However, I am still trying my best to give some time to my blogs.

Today, I just want to tell you guys – my blogger friends, EC droppers, new readers, passers by, and more, that I can’t always keep an eye to my blogs like 24 hours a day within 7 days a week. All your comments, ideas are welcome here and I even give FREE links in my sidebar to those who comments or drop EC. However, if any among you will use my blog or any among my blogs or directly me – my name, against any other people,  be it a blogger, or what, I’d surely give you the strangest eye I could ever have.

As a blogger, a respective one, we need to learn how to be respective for us to be respected. Should we all respect each others blogs and the blogger itself. There’s nothing wrong in sharing or leaving comments, or ideas. In fact, in my case, I loved to receive RELATED COMMENTS to each of my blogs’ posts. But off course, there are just some things to consider. When leaving comments, if the blog is having a comment policy, then go and have a minute of realizing what is in the comment policy of the blog. Never just rant blah blah blah readily just then by then without thinking if such comments to leave violates any policies of the blog or the blog owner. Keep in mind also what to and how to comment or react.

This ain’t the last one to remember on how to be a respective blogger but I just mention this on the last part of this post.

Each blogger is responsible to each of his or her blog, blogs, and blog posts. Remember, each words you left in a blog could even do harm you!

Be a RESPECTIVE BLOGGER! Respect others’ blogs. Respect other Bloggers!

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6 Responses to Be a Respective Blogger

  1. Rox says:

    Kinsa man jud diay na nandaot nimo Doc Gagay?

  2. Pinx says:

    that is very true… so far, yung mga comments ko ay galing naman sa mga loyal readers ng blog ko… merong mga spam, pero trash na kaagad… and i am trying all my best to be a responsible blogger too. visiting you here!

  3. bingkaycoy says:

    Kinsay nangaway sa imo Gay? Kani jud ang akong gibati tung una nga daghan mag-atake sa akoa sa akong blog….maski unsay panulti ug pang-akusa wa man diay kasabot sa akong gisulat ug wa gibasa tanan akong gisulat. Pataka lang ug yawyaw. Mga way respeto, way batasan. Maayo gani pede ko mag-block ug commentator sa akong blog through ISP. Sukad gibutang nako akong comment policy, ninggamay na ang mga moron nga magpataka ug panulti.

  4. Shengkay says:

    tama..well, may mga tao lang talaga na sadyang makikitid ang utak..
    ..K actually admire you gay kasi being an MD student napakademanding nito and you really have to study and all..pero nakukuha mo pang mag blog ha! not just one pero marami talaga..most of them updated my PR! naks!..galing! keep it up..

  5. mer says:

    Stinks you have to deal with nasty commenters. Your posts are interesting, though of a different topic than that which I normally read. You have a unique perspective!

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