Thanked God it’s Friday, the 13th?

Thanked God it’s Friday! The 13th?  Smiley

Thanked God it's Friday; the 13th?

Talking about Friday the 13th, it’s always a special day. I, personally, don’t really understand why. Some say it’s almost always a day of too many accidents. Others, it’s one lucky day for them. But I can’t tell it’s either. For as long as it’s Friday today, it’s something to say ‘woo!’ Smiley Isn’t it?

I just suddenly missed having all the gigs out every Friday during my college years. Yeah! That was incomparably awesome. Preparing chips and drinks – wines and juices for a house party, those were the days, I could say. Comparing it to now, I mean, in my post-graduate degree, parties today are not much worth remembering than those. I can’t explain why. But I guess, you can tell such, I presume.

Hope you guys have fun today. Should you THANKED GOD IT’S FRIDAY!

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2 Responses to Thanked God it’s Friday, the 13th?

  1. bluedreamer says:

    uu nga noh… Friday the 13th pala ngaun hehe

  2. Russ says:

    I don’t know why, but I always love Friday. I’ll just forget about the 13. And I’ll watch out for black cats.

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