Sober Medical Student

Another school year, I mean, academic year is about to start in the country. June is the so-called back to school month. Every student, be of junior or senior high, not to exclude college students and even post graduate one, are getting excited to attend classes and meeting back those missed friends and classmates even teachers during the summer vacation. And the first thing to do during the very first day of classes is to have an unending chitchats about how summer vacation was spent. Don’t get me wrong, but that’s what I experienced up until now that I am in the medical school already from and with my friends. Smiley Isn’t it?

Talking about summer vacation, I remember how I spent my summer days last year by meeting my old college friends and classmates. Most of us are now in different medical schools – pursuing our individual’s ambitious dreams, while others are having their jobs already. Though that time we’re already separated for a year, we still get back to our usual public university college student attitude – videoke with drinks and chitchats are those.

Our batch love to drink while singing. In fact a lot of people never expected that most of our batch-mates could attend the medical school because of what we do in college. Tell you, we drink liquors as hard as we could. But off course, we know our limitations. It’s just that our limits is the extremes to others.

One time, a day before I flew from Davao City for my medical school application and interview here in Cebu City, my mom seriously asked me if I’d be enrolling medical school the very most different way from college and added that it’s difficult to meet patients in the hospital while being sober. Ain’t it funny knowing a medical student undergoing an alcohol rehab programs? That’s my mom’s words.

Ain’t it, right?

But I could tell, college days are very far different from post graduate school. Vices are almost always disregarded.

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3 Responses to Sober Medical Student

  1. Bill says:

    Hi GG did you have a good summer vacation my friend.

  2. bingkaycoy says:

    Oh that is quite risky….to be drunk and do some work at school….but as you’ve said you know your limitations. I stopped drinking when I was 30…though I really didn’t drink at all like that. But one time, I was so trashed I literally puked all over the place, literally hugged the toilet bowl , and swore never to drink liquor again….and I did stop from then on.

  3. Richie says:

    while browsing through “upmin” images on the net, familiar faces showed up that are linked to your page. I know you keep track of your visitors. So, I thought i should stop by to say hi, may gulay?!. haha. Wait for the Summer 2012 (you know what they say about 2012) not the end of the world, but the end of your “pseudo-sobriety”.

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