No Shopping for Medical Books

Lately, I’d been thinking whether to avail for credit loans or an instant cash advance deals for my medical school financial requirements – books, fees and more. Either from the two, I’m pretty sure, one can help me in such certain way.

However, even how cheerful am I to avail one though, my mom really don’t want me to think more about the finances of my schooling. As she has been talking like a broken pirated CD – used to remind one thing over and over again, I shouldn’t be bothered of all the money talks but rather study harder instead.

My mom knows best for me, I am sure with that. But she cannot stop me from thinking to her and to my dad regarding my school fees and more. So what am I thinking for now, and hoping this would be one good solution for me, is to rather rent medical books.

The medical books for rent will not be mine, though. But off course, those medical books for rent are sure to be cheaper than the yet-packed, lustrous covered and brand new medical books.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell, I still do not know where to rent cheap textbooks here in Cebu City. Anybody knows where? Smiley

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  1. genny says:

    kadaghan sa libro, kung ako ani nabuang nako.weeeee bryt jud ni gagay dah!:-)

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