No Computer in Bacolod City

I am not getting over with my 2011 summer vacation yet because of the not-so summer season where the weather in the country the past months was so cold and gloomy. Indeed a rainy summer that was.

Having such gloomy weather added my bad mood during my fly to Bacolod City after leaving my computer at home in  Cebu City because of some software errors that I need to send it to a computer service center. Every time I wished to open an application, it shows some notes telling that it can’t be open because of some damaged files and the system should be reformatted. I am not a computer techie but I use computer, I could say, much more than a techie does, I guess. So I decided to see a computer doctor, instead.

I know some PC Tools, gotten acquainted with only the names, but more than running it are out of my knowledge. That was the reason why I need to leave my computer to a service center. According to the technician, my computer was attacked by a virus from a web page that has auto-download system when clicked. I don’t know about those stuff, though, but maybe I just didn’t notice some clickable buttons in the internet pages that I used to visit everyday.

By far, my computer is back now and so I am. We both now working together still in a rainy season.

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10 Responses to No Computer in Bacolod City

  1. Bill says:

    So how did you like Bacolod? I really liked it there, so much i bought my property there LOL. Glad to hear that you have you computer back. Its no fun not having it i know that for sure. Have a great weekend my friend.

  2. Monica says:

    my laptop oso had a virus attack once..and i got really pissed off grrr!!

  3. Mariuca says:

    My VAIO is in the pc hosp huhhu, so still on break or back to school GG?

  4. Mariuca says:

    Happy weekend GG!

  5. bluedreamer says:

    hayst… in my case… i promise myself not to fix my PC alone… I will not dare try it again after that incident that also crashed my PC down LOL

  6. Jason Monroe says:

    Hope the computer’s been fixed. I once had a complete laptop failure and lost everything on it…. I’ve learned to backup my computer at least once a week now.

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