Health Check At Home

Health is one of the most important thing that each of us needs to check and monitor from time to time especially those who are suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes of any form, hypertension that is of diverse causes and more.

One of the many things to do, the simplest, in monitoring and for relief of health problems at home is by using Tens machine. Tens machine are of various types suitable for different kinds of diseases or monitoring programs for the body. One good example is for pain relief.

The image above is just one of the tens machines used for pain relief. I’m not very certain with the physics of the machine, but sure thing I’ve known is that it stimulates the production of endorphins. Endorphins, on the other hand, is the body’s natural pain killer. Thence, with the use of such machine, pain is much regulated.

The use of the said machine is not just at home, but in many clinics and hospitals as well. But at home, it’s like a tens machine hire-free doctors because one can manage to use the machine. It’s actually a drug-free and clinically tested. The pain relief machine is used to treat lower back pains, pain on the hands and wrists, pain on joints and muscles that are associated with rheumatism and even menstrual period pain.

Aside from a pain relief machine, sugar and cholesterol measurements are also available. Nebulisers and accessories and other respiratory gadgets also available for home usage. Other related health machines are for birthing or exercise balls, muscle body toning and more.

With all these gadgets and machines available, one can monitor and check his or her health status any time even at home.

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  1. Pinx says:

    Hi Gagay! Pinx Labado ni. it’s true jud, we should have at least one or two medical “machines” and gadgets at home, like nebuliser, glucose test so that we will be able to check from time to time our health. Where ka nag-MED school now? my hubby graduated CDC but that was a long time ago pa.. hehehe…visiting you here!

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