Health Blog Rehabilitation

I have been thinking how to save my blogs from loosing its grip over the world wide web and off course I don’t want them to be an empty cup after I woke up one day. Thence I looked for rehab programs for my blogs. Smiley Not the medical or psycho-therapeutic method but rather finding the best home where my blogs could have a better future and will live like a normal blog.

When I was introduced to a Filipino blogging group in Facebook by a blogger friend, Grace Fancubit, I learned, somehow I could tell, how to keep my blogs intact, kept with love and nourished, as much as possible, simply by having them self-hosted. I tried fetching ideas from a couple of blog experts, I believe so!, around the blogosphere, reading and watching video tutorials regarding the basics of blog hosting.

But doing such, I can’t assure myself that I grasped all those what I read and watched. Smiley Telling you, I am not a super geek nor even just being a geek especially when it comes to technical terms. Just ask me about medical stuffs but still I can’t give you cookies. Smiley I’m just making you smile. But true, I could honestly tell that I still haven’t understood well what and how hosting and blogging collide. Rest assured, as of now, my blogs are in healthy hands of Mommy Ruby’s rehabilitation program, I mean, Green Blog Hosting. I will be blogging about it as soon as all my blogs that I asked her to give a heart are set.

For the mean time, think now of giving your blog a rehab before it loses it’s part in the web.



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3 Responses to Health Blog Rehabilitation

  1. Mariuca says:

    Rehab for ur blog?? LOL…

  2. Mariuca says:

    TGIF Doc GG, have a great weekend!

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