Fully-packed School Car Park

Yesterday was my third visit in school this week to follow-up for my enrollment because, as I’ve been saying since then, our classes will already be starting this May 16, next week, Monday.

With that third visit of mine in school, it was just yesterday that I found the school’s car park fully-packed . Smiley I wonder what the school was having yesterday that caused the school park to be flooded with cars. I haven’t asked any, though, but nothing from our college has shared any.

The usual afternoon in the school car park.

Aside from the flooding cars in school, one that caught my attention much was the red, from a well-known car brand company, which has a broken rear auto glass. Smiley The car was looking new, because the licensed car plate still says ‘for registration‘ yet the owner haven’t do any for the glass of the said car. As far as I’ve known, auto glass repairs are still covered under the warranty benefits if the car has such. However, the car owner can find other auto glass repair shops else where, nearby in school if happened that the owner is a student, so that the car won’t be looking pitiful with the broken rear window glass.

Anyway, it’s Friday the 13th today and I’m not sure if I’ll be going to school now. I still need to arrange my schedules.

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