Credit Loans for Medical School Enrollment

Another school year for medical school is about to start. New school year, new stress beginning yet another step in fulfilling the medical career – to be a medical doctor.

I am not excited, though, but I went to school as early as yesterday to check for my school accounts whether I need to avail for any bad credit loans for my medical school enrollment. At first I thought I was the earliest bird to process for the enrollment. I was wrong, perhaps. I was actually, if I am not mistaken, among the students who aren’t enrolled yet.

Medical School Enrollment

By far, my school accounts’ statement ain’t bad – no bad credit loans needed for me to avail for. Smiley Though bad credit loans’ programs are very helpful to those in financial problems, in my case, for the mean time, I don’t need it yet.

Anyway, I’m back to school in the coming days. Expect me to update here lesser than the past summer vacation days.

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  1. vernz says:

    Hello, doc.. salamat kaayo sa comment.. hehehe.. was here gagay dear.. good luck sa schooling.. ayaw na pag loan hahaha. taas interest lol.

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