Cash Advances for Medical Student

On Monday, I went to school to check for my medical school’s statement of accounts so for me to see whether I need to get loans or just an instant cash advance deals. Good enough every accounts I had the previous year are all in good marks, so no need to avail for one mentioned.

But I have a little problem with regards to my school books and weekly allowances for the early months of the school year. It’s not really a problem, actually. Smiley I am just worried about all the expenses I made and will still be having in my schooling. These are all shouldered by my parents.  I was thinking again, though haven’t tried yet, to avail for a cash advance. What do you think?

Cash Advances for Medical Student

My mom didn’t know this yet. She, in fact, has told me before that I shouldn’t be thinking any financial matters in my schooling.  I should concentrate on studying itself, she emphasized. But off course, I, as her child and a student, knows how costly my medical books are plus all the necessary and unnecessary things I am having here. Every time they asked me how much do they need to deposit in my bank account for my allowances, I just always tell them it’s up to you because I can’t utter exact money value for them.

Should I go for cash advance or not? Smiley I need any suggestions.

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  1. Mariuca says:

    Wow so nice la, every time need money ur mommy will bank in for you woot!

  2. Mariuca says:

    He he no avatar eh? Lemme try changing info hold on!

  3. Mariuca says:

    Testing avatar….

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