What is Akathisia?

I had been seeing kids that are very moody where in at first, I never thought I only see them on television but I was wrong.

My visit to a number of hospitals the past months, I could recall kids that are suffering from Akathisia. Akathisia causes kids to be very moody. It is a mental disorder due to prolong intake of zoloft during pregnancy of mothers. Zoloft is a prescribed drugs for premenstrual dysphoric disorders and other anxiety and stress-related disorders.I have read, however, that pfizer, the maker of zoloft, was sued. The article was about zoloft lawsuit. It talks about the legal stuffs regarding the dos and donts in taking the drug.

By far, patients, especially pregnant mothers, suffering from depressions and other emotional disorders are advised to seek for the right authorities in taking any drugs so to avoid any possible harmful effects in the near future to the babies.


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  1. Feron says:

    Hello Gagay…

    It's a sad thing that babies suffers in the end for for what had happens during his stay in her mother's womb for nine months.

    That is why mothers are being reminded that they should consult their Ob-Gyne doctor regularly to prevent future disorder of their children.

    As they say… "PREVENTION is BETTER than Cure"!

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