The Little Kids along the Street

Every time I see little kids everywhere, I could always imagine how my little niece and nephews, Didang, Didong and Dodong, do things as every little kid does along the streets in big cities just waiting for people passing by to extend some coins to them. Oh! So pity little kids.

On my way home the past week, I saw one little boy, if am not mistaken, he was still as young as 3 years old. He was having with him a lunch tote packed with something. I don’t exactly know what was inside it. Together with the boy was his elder sister, 13 years old, I guess, who’s holding two looking like recycled Stephen Joseph toddler backpacks. One bag was half unzipped where some parts of clothes going out from the bag. The kids didn’t have any older people with them even their mom or dad or whoever. The kids were looking really really sad and helpless.

I didn’t mind the kids at first, off course, because, as said, I always encounter a lot of them in Cebu City everyday. But when I arrived home, the kids were always dancing in my mind every time I see my niece and nephews happily playing at home.

I’m not telling my family are receiving perfectly what every kids should have, but I just want to express that, I guess, every kid deserves to be treated and would receive the best he or she has to. Sending them to school with stuffs like kid dufle bags, notebooks and pens on it and giving the right food and shelter are just some of the basic things each kid should receive.

Hopefully, the parents of the kids could think twice of what’s happening to their kids and so to the government also could do some necessary things for the Filipino kids.


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  1. Mariuca says:

    Chopping fr phone GG!

  2. Mariuca says:

    NicE post Doc GG and say hi to the three Ds for me!

  3. wena says:

    I love this post
    Happy Easter.
    Now a follower…
    my 6ws

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