The Bruno Mars’ Concert Effects

The Bruno Mars concert in Cebu City has caused me to mutter the whole afternoon up until this late evening. Smiley As I have said before, I missed grabbing a copy of his tickets. I’m not an avid fan though, but his songs are good to listen to.

You know, international singers seldom visit other big cities in the Philippines like Cebu City. Most of the time, they only dwell in Metro Manila. Don’t they know Cebu City? Think about it, Bruno Mars’ visit, a live concert tour here in Cebu City is something to check on by, right?

Now, should you all shut when I’m affected like this! Smiley

Good enough I am alone now here in the apartment, so whatever I’d like to do, I could. But the tenant next to our unit was acting like someone because as she said earlier in my schoolmate, my housemate here, something so noisy in our building. Smiley She was talking about me. I was actually making our apartment unit a proberaum koeln, am I sounding right? A music rehearsal room, it was, feeling like I was in a local musical ad doing my MTV. Smiley Since I have nothing to pour out my emotions, I keep Bruno Mars’ songs repeatedly in queue, one from the other in my MP3 player and singing those too.

Just because of Bruno Mars’ concert here in Cebu that I missed, I made all of those today!



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4 Responses to The Bruno Mars’ Concert Effects

  1. Mariuca says:

    Bruno Mars is great but I don't mind missing his concert too…

  2. Mariuca says:

    Love some of his tunes, BM!

  3. Mariuca says:

    Watching American Idol now GG!

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