Radiation Effects on Humans

Just after the Tsunami incidence in Japan, almost all of the people around the world has been cautious already of earthquake and the like. Even a little movement in ones place is something to cause people panicked as what some friends staying in Japan shared.But what makes them more anxious and dreadful is the detrimental effects of radiation to them – to humans. Radiation is not contagious, though, but very dangerous to humans.

Some of the effects of radiation Smiley are as follows:

  • Hair

When hair is exposed to 200 rems, or higher, of radiation, it will lose quickly and exhibit clumping.

  • Blood

Exposure to not less than 1000 rems of radiation would cause reduction of blood lymphocytes leading to increase risk of infection. Lymphocytes are group of cells which has the major role in human immune system.

  • Thyroid

The part of the human body which is very susceptible for radioactive iodine is the thyroid. Prolong and massive exposure to radioactive iodides can destroy all parts of the thyroid gland.

Some other body organs will be discussed in some incoming posts. Smiley

With just some of the listed effects of radiation to humans above, a lot of people, not to mention Filipinos from Japan heading their way back in the Philippines are very mindful and keen with their health medications and visitor insurance notes that they are radiation-free flying from Japan. But I am not certain with those people coming in to Japan if their visitor health insurance are being monitored. In some parts of Japan, tourists and even Japanese are restricted to get near the vicinity where radiation is high and only those workers and authorized personnel are allowed.

Be aware of the Radiation Effects!

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One Response to Radiation Effects on Humans

  1. Mel Cole says:

    Thank you for the detailed information sis. My husband is still afraid if the radiation from Japan can still get to US. He said about jet streams or winds can shoot winds from Japan to US. I hope its not true. I'm praying for Japan to be in its safety zone soon.

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