Neither Coffee Nor Tea..No More!

As I have been telling before, I was advised to refrain, but if possible, never drink coffee anymore. During classes, every time I study, I keep myself alive and still kicking my books by listening to rock musics. I always try not to take in coffee. Some friends recommended tea instead of coffee. But cup of teas, specifically, tava tea, could cause me to lose weight which I am preventing to happen. It’s not that I am fit already, but I am feeling good with my weight. Basically, my height is just proportional to my weight.
Coffees, nonetheless, are very good in making me alert all-night long when it comes to overnight studying as I have experienced before. For less than a year now, I am keeping myself used to a no-coffee study habit. Sometimes, I just stay in a coffee shop and drown myself from inhaling all the yummy flavors of coffee.
Undeniably, teas are ideal for body cleansing – taking away toxins and unwanted fats. In fact, weight loss green tea are the most commonly used by people utilizing alternative products other than the synthetic tablets and capsule for losing extra weight.

But with all of the above benefits of the two, I still can’t consume both because of my present health status. I just recently been confined in the hospital after suffering from acute gastroenteritis. And up until now, I am still taking some medicines for my tummy. So, no no yet for both coffee and tea!


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4 Responses to Neither Coffee Nor Tea..No More!

  1. Bill says:

    Hi GG :X

  2. Bill says:

    I am a big coffee drinker in the morning GG. Got to have it LOL 😛

  3. *josie* says:

    can't start a day without a cup of coffee. ;;)

    Momma Helps

  4. Kench Alegado says:

    😉 I'm a coffee addict as well. I can finish up to 5 cups of coffee during our overnight study.

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